Othmar Schwank

Othmar Schwank (1952) has a PhD in plant sciences (1984) and wide international experience in policy analysis, programme implementation and  sustainable land / resource management. Focus on global environment, clean technology dissemination and reduction of climate risks. Further experience relates to moderation, participation in local governance and international technical cooperation. 2000 – 2012 Member of the UNFCCC Consultative Group of Experts for Non-Annex I National Communications (CGE).

1998 USEPA Ozone Protection Award. 2007 Nobel Price Award Certificate for a significant contribution to the IPCC Special Report on Technology Transfer.

Since July 2010 founding partner of Schwank Earthpartner Ltd. He advises clients in transformation strategies, local and international development (energy, waste, circular economy, ecosystems, urbanization, land-use planning). 2016 – 2019 Senior Advisor to Sino- Swiss Low Carbon City project (SDC). 2017 – 2020 member of municipal council of Rüdlingen (Canton Schaffhausen, planning and construction department).