Energy / Waste / Circular Economy

Project focus: Energy / Waste / Circular Economy


Sector plan deep geological storage sites for radiactive waste

Othmar Schwank supports since 2017 the municipalities of the Canton Schaffhausen in the Swiss sector plan public particiation process at the region Zurich North East (ZNO) situated between Rhein and Thur in Northern Switzerland. The participation process focuses on empowerment of local political entities, knowledge transfer, process-safety in assessment of potential underground storage sites and moderation.

2010 - 2016

Public participation in nuclear waste repository site evaluation / Südranden

Client: Bundesamt für Energie, Gemeinde Neuhausen am Rhf
image-OS-2011-DSC_0668Othmar Schwank was supporting the regional conference "Südranden" as process moderator in a  science and policy dialogue on disposal sites of radioactive waste. The regional conference was mandated by the Swiss Confederation to enhance the involvement of the local population of the Schaffhausen/Südranden region in the sectoral planning process for evaluation of nuclear waste repository sites. This process enabled a local body in actively promoting local stakeholder interests within a federal plan for evaluation of repository sites suited for low and medium level radioactive wastes.

2010 - 2012

Phase out of nuclear energy

Client: Construction and Energy Department Canton of Schaffhausen
Mandate by the Construction and Energy Department of the Canton of Schaffhausen regarding the feasibility of nuclear power phase out and transition of cantonal energy supply torenewable energy. On 31st August 2011, the government council of the Canton of Schaffhausen presented the Cantonal Council with step-by-step measures for a phase out of the nuclear energy programme.

2009 - 2012

2000 Watt energy strategy City of Schaffhausen

Client: City of Schaffhausen

The city of Schaffhausen moving towards a "2000-Watt Society": Step by step approach for a  municpality moving towards higher energy efficiency and enhanced use of renewable energy (2000-Watt concept). How can energy services become greener in an economic and socially accepted manner? INFRAS/Schwank Earthpartner updated the 2009 report to a “after Fukushima” policy framework. A referendum, promoting this goal, failed in 2014.