Energy / Waste / Circular Economy

Project focus: Energy / Waste / Circular Economy

2010 - 2015

Public participation in nuclear waste repository site evaluation / Südranden

Client: Bundesamt für Energie, Gemeinde Neuhausen am Rhf

image-OS-2011-DSC_0668As process moderator Othmar Schwank is supporting the Südranden regional conference in a  science and political dialogue. The regional conference is mandated by the Confederation to enhance the involvement of the local population of the Schaffhausen/Südranden region within the sectoral planning process for evaluation of nuclear waste repository sites. This process shall enable a local body to  actively promote local stakeholder interests within a federal plan for evaluation of repository sites suited for low and medium level radioactive wastes.

2010 - 2011

Phase out of nuclear energy

Client: Construction and Energy Department Canton of Schaffhausen
Mandate by the Construction and Energy Department of the canton of Schaffhausen regarding the feasibility of a changeover of the Cantonal energy supply to a supply with renewable energy. On 31st August 2011, the government council of the Canton of Schaffhausen presented the Cantonal Council with step-by-step measures for a phase out of the nuclear energy programme.

2009 - 2012

2000 Watt energy strategy City of Schaffhausen

Client: City of Schaffhausen

The city of Schaffhausen moving towards a "2000-Watt Society": Step by step approach for a  municpality moving towards higher energy efficiency and enhanced use of renewable energy (2000-Watt concept). How can energy services become greener in an economic and socially accepted manner? INFRAS/Schwank Earthpartner updated the 2009 report to a “after Fukushima” policy framework. A referendum, promoting this goal, failed in 2014.